Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival
Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
in collaboration with studio terhedebrügge

Festival Design and campaign

Opening Sehsüchten Festival

Concept and design of the 48th “Sehsüchte” Festival in collaboration with the designer studio Terhedebrügge.

The Sehsüchte Festival is a Film Festival which has been hosted by students from the Film University Potsdam-Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF since 1972 and has become an international stage for newcomers in the film industry.

We had the chance to design all aspects of the event for its 48th edition, based on the years film topic: explore. Showing exploration by breaking through invisible boundaries, facing challenges, entering uncharted waters and triggering emotions, was the briefing upon which we built our concept.

We wanted to attract viewers with a strong image and at the same time let them fall into their own thoughts and perceptions, just like movies do. Through colour gradients we displayed the individual and undefined ways of exploring this world, which can be illustrated in a million different ways.

Movies are about breaking these zones. This led us to create a strict linear grid, as a
result of the worlds time zone, which is penetrated by colour mass. It also illustrates a contrast between soft forms and edgy lines and shows different layers and levels to explore.

Additionally, the poster was designed as three individual parts, announcing three different topics (1. Announcement poster, 2. Party poster and 3. Opening poster). Hung in series a new picture was created and explore could be read.

For the program brochure we created a colour system for each festival day, which is recognisable from the edge of the brochure.

Specific information is dispensed in a box system following a rigid grid, making it easier to find the relevant information. The film screens appear in a generous horizontal format. 

We also designed the accompanying media such as postcards, invitations, tickets
and also merchandise, such as pens, t-shirts, jumpers, bags.

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art direction
visual communication


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